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Suppose you're here because you're evaluating Openbridge vs. Saras Analytics or looking for Saras Analytics alternatives. In that case, you are likely looking at how to use data to drive business growth and profitability on Amazon.

First, we'd like to acknowledge the team at Saras Analytics. Sellers and Vendors are looking for automated Amazon tools, and Saras Analytics has built solutions to help them visualize data. However, Saras Analytics uses Daton, which employs unapproved bots or "Robotic Process Automation" to extract Amazon data. A fully-transparent data pipeline does not use any bots, screen, or data scraping applications.

Openbridge takes a different approach; complete transparency. We only use official Amazon APIs and offer pre-built Amazon Ads, Amazon Seller Central, and Vendor Central data apps. Using pre-built apps not only ensures compliance with Amazon Data Protection and Acceptable User Policies, it eliminates complex Amazon developer configuration and approval processes.

Not using official Amazon-approved data services puts Sellers and Vendors at compliance risk, given bots violate Amazon's terms of service. As a SaaS platform, Openbridge has invested significant resources in a no-code data replication solution using verified Amazon Advertising APIs and Amazon Selling Partner APIs.

Our code-free Amazon automation services, paired with over 200+ open source connectors, allow you to avoid tedious data engineering tasks. Our data services are pre-built, verified, and approved by Amazon to ensure your data is compliant, easy to access, and use. Unlike our competitors, we do not require users to create apps or use unapproved bots, screen, web, or data scrapers.

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Break free from vendor lock-in

Openbridge is a code-free, cloud data pipeline that unifies data in a trusted, private industry-leading data lake or cloud data warehouses like Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure Data Lake, Ahana, or Amazon Athena. Data is always fully-owned and controlled by you.

Saras Analytics is the parent company of Daton, which they use for data pipelines. Saras Analytics is focused on consulting, information technology, BI, and pre-built reports. Openbridge, as a company, is dedicated to data automation. They describe themselves as a predictive analytics company that makes analytics accessible by offering proven analytics solutions for reporting.

Unlike Saras Analytics, we do not offer pre-built dashboards, custom reports, simple marketing reports, or Google Sheets reporting tools. Our approach is to empower teams with no-code data transformation, allowing marketing agencies, brands, or analysts the freedom to create insightful dashboards with reporting solutions they love to use.

Openbridge invests significant resources in being a user friendly, powerful tool for code-free, fully-managed data pipelines. Airbridge, an open source service Openbridge released, provides access to over 200+ connectors. Our automation tool offers direct, verified source connectors to Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others. We unify feeds into your favorite data lake or enterprise data warehouse solutions like Databricks, Snowflake, Amazon Athena, Redshift, or BigQuery so you can create information insights using tools like Google Data Studio, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Looker, Amazon QuickSight, SAP, Qlik Sense, and many others.

Our product features a relentless focus on simplicity and flexibility. The tedious reporting tasks related to manual report downloads are a thing of the past. A product manager, data engineer, or analysts gets data into a data lake or warehouse in minutes. BI teams can create dashboard templates, and marketing agencies can efficiently deliver client reporting, or create custom dashboards tailored to digital marketers' marketing campaigns.

By supporting popular platforms with an open-access architecture, including offering 200+ open source connectors, we provide the ultimate flexibility to use your favorite tools with your choice of trusted cloud warehouses or data lakes.

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Designed to work together, on and off Amazon

Saras Analytics offers a collection of pre-built dashboards and reports. They can also create customized visualizations aligned with your specific business needs. Unlike Saras Analytics, Openbridge does not create reports, visualizations, or dashboards. Also, we only use certified APIs to unify an expansive collection of data sources on and off Amazon so Sellers and Vendors can get a complete picture of their business.

With a comprehensive collection of Amazon data feeds at its core, our "halo" data model also includes non-Amazon channels like Facebook Insights for Pages & Posts, Instagram Insights, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics 360, Email marketing, and many others that play a crucial role in understanding customer behavior in the shopping journey.

Unifying Amazon and non-Amazon data helps you understand how customers discover, consider, and purchase your products. Finally, optimize and plan investments in areas you know resonate with customers for true data-driven business decisions.

Certified Developer Programs & APIs

"Access to data means the team can work smarter. End-to-end marketing and advertising campaign data in unified data lake ensures we can optimize sales based on learnings from our measurement efforts"

Unify, organize, and visualize your e-commerce data

Create a unified, 360 view of all your digital self and ads performance data

You can quickly streamline your manual workflows to collect, catalog, and unify data to industry leading cloud data warehouse and data lake.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform

Amazon Seller Central

No more manual file downloads. Get code-free, fully-automated Amazon Selling Partner API data pipelines for orders, inventory, traffic, fulfillment, finance, and many more.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform

Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon Vendors can take a lot of time and effort to manually process their data. Openbridge automation will automatically collect, process, route, and load your Vendor Central data to a private data destination.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform

Amazon Advertising

Harness the power of our Amazon Ads API automation, ensuring your teams have the data they need to optimize media investments.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform


Unlock performance and growth by tapping into the dynamic potential of Shopify's API data. Elevate your business strategies with data-driven insights, empowering you to make informed decisions that propel success.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform


Harness the power of our Meta API automation, ensuring your teams have the data they need to optimize media investments.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform


Elevate your marketing strategies with Google Marketing Cloud. Harness the power of data-driven insights to enhance campaign effectiveness and drive steady, sustainable growth for your business.

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Goodbaby Unifies E-commerce Data

Combining the simplicity of Tableau, a data lake, and the power of AWS, Goodbaby unifies sales and marketing data analytics.

Serverless Analytics with Tableau and Amazon Athena

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However you’re getting it done today or want to get it done tomorrow, Openbridge data automation can help you get there faster.

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* Saras Analytics relies on their subsidiary Daton for data services.

Saras Analytics uses bots, or "Robotic Process Automation", to extract data and can take 5-7 days to activate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent questions for platform, pricing, and definitions

Do you create custom marketing reports, interactive dashboards, or pre-built automated marketing reports?

No, we take a different approach. Reports, business intelligence, and interactive visualizations are best done by teams responsible for bringing data to life visually.

Our expertise is data engineering, so we are domain experts for ETL pipelines, so teams get the data they need quickly. This is why we focus on our analytics-ready data delivery to private, trusted integration destinations like Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, or Athena.

Unlocking data allows full-service marketing agencies or a solo analyst to use a popular marketing analytics tool like Looker Studio, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Looker, Amazon QuickSight, SAP, Alteryx, dbt, Azure Data Factory, Qlik Sense, and many others. From advanced analytics and machine learning, automation saves you from tedious reporting, so you can realize the potential of a new level of insights for customer analytics efforts.

How does pricing work?

We offer several different pricing plans based on the type of data connectors and destinations you want to activate. In addition to a base plan cost, you are only charged for active data pipeline(s), per day. The combination of the base plan cost and the count of active daily pipelines determines the amount you are charged each month. For more details on this topic, see the doc How Pricing and Billing Work . There are no per-user monthly cost, or costs associated with the number of rows, or compute time.

How does Openbridge compare to Saras Analytics pricing?

Competitor pricing models can be challenging, unpredictable and hard to forecast. We leverage an innovative, on-demand pay-as-you-go pricing model. To see how different competitor pricing models can dramatically impact your costs compared to us, visit How The Competition Prices .

Do you use any bots, robotic process automation, or data scrapers for any pipeline replication job?

No, we are bot free. Our pre-built connectors for Amazon do not use any bots or scrapers. We break down Amazon ecommerce data silos using official, certified APIs. Per Amazon, bots are a violation of the Amazon AUP and DPP. The use of bots does not meet policy, terms, and compliance with security features required of developers. Also, the use of non-approved, non-API methods of data access does not reflect enterprise-grade security standards nor meet stringent security criteria required by Amazon.

As such, none of our pre-built connectors (or any integration) for Amazon Retail Sales Analytics use any form of robotic process automation bot or scraper, only certified and official cloud data pipeline support.

How long does it take to get up and running?

In many cases, it will be minutes. For 3rd party integrations, it will typically take 24-48 hours to set up and run. However, that timing can vary depending on a few variables. For example, there may be individual permissions, contracts, or setup required by a vendor that is outside our control which can impact timing.

When will I be charged?

We offer a 30-day, no credit card required, free trial. You will not be asked for a credit card before you start your trial, nor will you be charged during the trial. There will not be any charges unless you decide to order the service at the end of your trial. During this time, you will have access to either standard or premium data integrations or destinations according to your selected plan.

Do you support sending marketing data connector feeds to an Amazon analytics database, warehouse, or data lake?

Yes, we support the delivery of various source commerce, advertising, and marketing platforms into destinations like a BigQuery marketing data warehouse or a data lake that stores a unified digital marketing journey. By supporting destinations like Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure Data Lake, and Amazon Athena, we eliminate reporting hassles of manually wrangling messy files and data silos. Choosing a fully managed data warehouse, data lake, or lakehouse as a destination is always your choice.

What is a data pipeline?

Each Openbridge plan is priced according to the type and quantity of data pipelines. What is a data pipeline? A data pipeline reflects a connector from a specific data source to a target data destination.

For example, you have two Facebook pages you want to collect insights data from and deliver to BigQuery. Each page would reflect a unique resource. These two resources would equal two data pipelines, one for each Facebook page ID delivered to BigQuery.

Another example is Amazon Advertising. If you have ten Amazon Advertising profiles that you want to deliver to AWS Redshift, this would equal ten data pipelines, one for each Amazon Advertising profile ID.

How many pipelines can I activate?

You can add as many as you need. If you manage a large number of accounts and want to consolidate the data from each, reach out to us for some tips and best practices on how best to set up that type of configuration.

What is the difference between Standard, Premium, or Enterprise services?

We offer several connectors and destinations as "Standard" services. All plans include these types of services. Another tier of connector and destination are offered as "Premium" services.

Premium services are more complex, advanced, and require additional development resources. A premium connector or destination will be marked as such with the required .

Enterprise, or third-party integrations, which are only available to users with Enterprise plans. Pricing for Enterprise varies according to each vendor's procedures and policies.

Do you charge for data lake or warehouse infrastructure?

No, there are no charges from Openbridge for your data lake or cloud warehouse. Any charges are directly billed by the data lake or warehouse provider (i.e., Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or Snowflake). They will directly bill you.

Does your analytics-ready data automation support 360 analytic strategies, executive information insights dashboards, product analytics, or predictive media analytics tool?

Yes, see our doc on Analytics-Ready: Freedom to Connect Your Data Tools for more information on how we support a wide range of use cases.

Our goal is to solve your toughest data challenges, so your business intelligence analyst, data scientists, or data analytics team can deliver insights that fuel informed decisions. Openbridge offers a robust solution that handles all the automation, data management, pipeline monitoring, and data warehousing for you, empowering your favorite data analysis and advanced analytics tools.

What happens when the trial period ends?

At the end of the 30-day trial, you must switch to a paid plan to continue service. If you do not proceed with a paid plan, any integrations you set up will be paused. The data we collect and delivered will remain in your data lake or warehouse.

Is Daton a service offered by Saras Analytics?

Yes, Daton is a service offered by Saras Analytics. Saras India is based in Hyderabad.

Does Openbridge support Amazon Advertising?

Yes, Openbridge is a verified Amazon Ads partner and Amazon DPP Partner. Our cloud data pipeline support extends to Amazon Sponsored Brands, Amazon Sponsored Products, Amazon Sponsored Display, Amazon DSP, and Amazon Attribution. From Ecommerce brands to Amazon Agencies, Openbridge is building data products that simplify insights automation.