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Unlock the potential of 200+ open source, configuration-driven connectors using Python and Docker for data pipeline automation.

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Flexible, Open Source, Run Anywhere

Empower your teams with open source data pipeline automation

Get flexible, open data pipeline automation for 200+ data sources and destinations that you can control or modify to fit your needs.

Airbyte Sources & Destinations

Airbridge orchestrates data ingestion pipelines using Airbyte data sources you configure, like Stripe, Facebook, or Google, to Airbyte data destination connectors you define like a S3 data lake, Redshift, Snowflake, or BigQuery.

Explore Airbridge, read the docs, grab the code, or anything in-between; you are always in control.

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Python Powered

Built on standards-based Python, Airbridge ensures a clean, quick, and modular data flow, allowing easy integration and modification. Using the Python Docker SDK, Airbridge efficiently encapsulates components and dependencies within containers, enabling consistent configuration-driven deployment across different environments.

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Docker Driven

Leveraging Docker and Docker Hub for pre-built Airbridge source and destination images simplifies deployment, enhances portability, and offers scalability. Docker containers provide a consistent and encapsulated environment, making it easy for Airbridge to orchestrate running services across different platforms and environments.

Docker Hub's centralized repository streamlines typical complexities related to version control and community contributions while also improving security and flexibility. See Docker for Linux, Docker Desktop for Windows, Docker Desktop for Mac

MIT Licenced

Airbridge is released under the MIT license, granting users flexibility and freedom to use, modify, and distribute Airbridge with no restrictions, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and customization.

A true open source licenses unlock new paths to contribute improvements or add features, leading to continuous innovation and value.

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Run Local, Run Cloud

Flexibility to be deployed effortlessly, whether you prefer running it locally or in the cloud using services like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure, making it versatile enough to run anywhere you have Python and Docker installed.

Private, Owned By You

Run Airbiridge in a trusted environment owned by you, with your data always stored in a private data lake, data lakehouse, or cloud warehouse in a region of your choosing.

Your Product, Airbridge Embedded

Run it standalone or you can embed Airbridge into your own product, service, or frontend UI. Choose how and where to seamlessly use Aribridge as a serivce or in a custom product UI. Embedding gives you the power to provide a unique user experience that aligns with a brand identity.