Official, verified APIs

Official, certified developer programs & APIs

Openbridge does not employ bots, web, data, or screen scraping technologies for data pipeline automation.

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No Bots

No bots, or robotic process automation, is used to collect data

No Scaping

No web, data, or screen scraping is used to collect data from source systems.

No Third-Party APIs

Data is sourced from official, authoritative 1st party APIs

Official APIs

Code-free, fully-automated pipelines only use official program APIs.

Verified Applications

Ready-to-go registered, tested, and approved program applications.

Approved Access

Leverage secure, program approved API access authorization protocols.

Official, certified Developer API Programs

"Very early into our insights journey, we knew Amazon data was essential to drive innovation and growth. Thanks to Openbridge’s data lake solutions and technologies, our marketing, operations, and sales data is ready-to-go for insights and analysis efforts.

Why we use official, verified developer program APIs for data pipeline automation

Openbridge invests significant time and energy in working through official developer programs. Participation in formal, certified developer programs with companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook is critical for transparency, consistency, and security for our automated data pipelines.

Employing bots, web, data, or screen scraping technologies violate the security, acceptable use, and data protection policies set forth by those companies.


APIs have clear definitions and documentation that dictate the proper collection, processing, and storage of data. However, developers who circumvent the API withhold any disclosure regarding their utilization of policy violating bots to surreptitiously extract data. In the event that they choose to acknowledge use of bots, they use fanciful terminology such as "robotic process automation" to describe the how they are circumventing the API.


In order for developers to be granted user approval for company systems, companies require them to undergo thorough audits, reviews, and compliance monitoring within their programs. However, certain developers opt to bypass these processes, including compliance testing, audits, security assessments, legal evaluations, and governance reviews, by resorting to unauthorized data services such as bots or data scraping. As a result, their data collection, storage, usage, transmission, and deletion methods lack formal review or approval.


Certified developers are required to exhibit adherence to API data usage and protection guidelines, as mandated by companies. Nevertheless, when developers intentionally circumvent the API to enable access to data not accessible through it, they knowingly opt for an unapproved data access method that contravenes established usage and data policies. Engaging in unauthorized data access services carries the possibility of account suspension or termination. Considering the potential risks involved, is it truly worth taking such a chance?

"Openbridge data lake formation services unified web and sales data into a cross-cloud AWS to Oracle architecture. We’re now tapping into an innovative, insights-driven data stack."


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