What does ETL developer do? Removing barriers to accessing data

Analytics-ready means breaking down data silos with ELT and ELT

Business is buried in data that all too often sits in on the sidelines, untapped. When data resides hidden in systems, it is unseen and unused for operations, insights, and decision making. These are your data silos, and ELT or ETL processes can help break them down. Data pipelines done the right way to provide analytics-ready data for teams to jumpstart data science and analytic efforts.

While the ELT vs. ETL distinction is essential, both offer frameworks to efficiently and programmatically break down data silos, ensure data is quickly ready for analytics. Delivering an analytics-ready solution means you are focused on the people and technology needed to solve persistent and expanding challenges for systems integration and data migration.

As an ELT and ETL developer, analytics-ready means breaking down silos with pre-built or custom data pipelines. Removing barriers to accessing is at the core of what it means to deliver analytics-ready data. By making data accessible, teams can pursue further processing, visualizations, transformations, routing, reporting, or statistical models with agility and velocity.


"Thanks to Openbridge, we can now communicate and act on the marketing performance data. Analysts, execs, and team members from multiple departments can compare, filter and organize the exact data they need on the fly, in one report. No more waiting for several, static reports to fill their inbox on Monday morning"

Hickory Farms
L. Johnson, Senior Analyst, Hickory Farms

How does an ETL work? Delivering efficient data pipelines

ETL vs ELT - Using the right workflow to get the job done

ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) is a variation of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load). With ELT data transformations occur after data is loaded to a data lake or warehouse. With the advancements of cloud data warehouses, like Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery or data lakes using Amazon Athena or Azure data lake, the use of ELT has seen increased adoption.

How does ELT processing support an analytics-ready approach for data access? ELT puts the transformation of data after loading, where ETL has it in the middle before loading. A complex transformation can take time to get defined, designed, implemented, and tested. This can be a blocker to accessing less refined, but usable data.

ELT can minimize the risk of potentially complex transformations slowing access to data. As a result, teams can get access to it more quickly with an ELT process. While loaded data may be less refined, it is analytics ready. The ELT approach prioritizes speed over further refinement.

Raw data, big data, or small data, Openbridge offers automated, high performing ELT and ETL solutions for cloud data warehousing and data lakes.

"Openbridge showed us how we can leverage new opportunities with data lakes. They helped us realize a cost-efficient, cross-cloud AWS data lake to Oracle architecture. We’re now tapping into a modern and innovative data stack with the help of the Openbridge plaform."

K. Tailor, Senior Enterprise Architect – AICPA | CIMA

The best data wrangling tools are not people doing manual work

ELT and ELT tools eliminate manual data wrangling

One of the biggest challenges companies faces today — an increasingly diverse and complex data and tools ecosystem. As companies attempt to create a unified view of their consumers, it is not uncommon to find them manually undertaking data processing. As a result, they experience expensive, inefficient, and risky compliance headaches.

Manual data wrangling has an unintended consequence in the form of errors and exploding costs. As data sources expand, these manual processes become increasingly fragile. Not only is data wrangling work dull, tedious, and uninspiring, you run the risk of breaking your business reporting. A day missed, a file improperly handled, a folder of CSV exports deleted, a laptop lost can toss painful, manual processes into chaos.

Are you in the data wrangling business, or are you in the business driving growth and profit? Let Openbridge do the data wrangling for you. We offer fully automated, zero administration cloud based ETL and ELT systems integration platform.


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