Fully automated and code-free pipelines from source system to target system

Pre-built and custom data pipeline automation

Do you need access to Amazon Seller Central data? Marketing data from Instagram, Facebook, Amazon Advertising , or Google Ads?

Our ELT architecture and data ingestion process provide automated pipelines from data sources to industry-leading data destinations like Amazon Redshift, Facebook Presto, Snowflake, Azure Data Lake Storage, Google BigQuery, and Amazon Athena.

Openbridge delivers data integration pipelines, so teams are free to consume data with the tools they love.


“Our partnership with Openbridge is critical to our enterprise data practice. As a digital agency focused on enterprise and government clients, we use Openbridge to help us unlock client insights that guide marketing investments, optimize sales strategies and build better experiences for customers. ”

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B. Elmore, CEO & Managing Partner, Intevity

Fast, efficient data migration process

Modernize data migration processes with innovative, cost-effective, scalable solutions

The constant push to be smarter, more agile means adapting to changes at an accelerated pace. It is hard to keep up, let alone get ahead give the expanding business processes, tools, and platforms.

If you are working on a data migration strategy or data migration plan, this pace can be overwhelming for large and small teams alike. Openbridge data pipelines solve cloud migration logistics between data sources and data consumers.

Openbridge's platform, technology, and expertise enable compelling data, analytics, and visualization capabilities for growth, productivity, and collaboration.

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Data wrangling is intimidating, we got this

The Economist proclaimed that data is now “the world’s most valuable asset”. However, an old adage states, “half the money you spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is you don’t know which half.” The same is true for data except for one crucial difference; you know which half is wasted.

Harvard Business Review reported that 80% of an analysts’ time is spent just preparing data for reporting. The NY Times also reported that data "Janitor Work" is a crucial hurdle to insights outcomes. Organizations are wasting valuable investments in outdated data technologies and manual processes.

The Openbridge analytics-ready approach to platform architecture, design, wrangling, and operations ensures that working with data is less complicated, less expensive, and less time-consuming.

Let Openbridge handle the data wrangling so you can spend analyzing your data for useful nuggets.

"Openbridge helped us understand how we can use machine learning to discover patterns, trends, and sentiment hidden within brand research. Combining human driven research with machine learning allowed us to unearth deep insights that would have taken weeks to uncover, or simply would have been lost in the process.""

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M. Gallaher, Co-Founder and Brand Expressionist®, Blackcoffee

Re-imagine data migration to Redshift, Redshift Spectrum, Azure Data Lakes, AWS Athena, or Google BigQuery

Unlock the hidden potential in your data siloes

Openbridge provides the technology and expertise to create data pipelines for unified views of information to fuel your analytics and insights efforts.

The Openbridge platform cares for data transfer, proccessing, and loading from silo to target databases or data lakes. Not only does this reduce operational overhead, but it also ensures that data quality is maintained.

Get the most out of your business investments to fuel the discovery of trends or patterns hidden in your data.

data migration etl tools eliminate complexity, simplify data lake or cloud warehouse adoption

Building a serverless data lake and hybrid data warehouse

Traditionally, storing and querying diverse and complex datasets can be an expensive proposition. Legacy warehouse and storage systems are not well suited for modern insights efforts. You have to plan, provision, and manage the right collection of hardware and infrastructure resources.

Openbridge pairs serverless query services with a data lake as a modern approach to solving this type of migration challenge.

Openbridge offers a hybrid data lake and warehouse using Amazon Redshift Spectrum. In addition to Spectrum, we also provide a fully automated, zero administration data lake with Amazon Athena or Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.


Turn ideas into modern, flexible solutions

Achieve velocity with analytics and data lakes

Combining the simplicity of modern business intelligence tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, or Looker, data lakes are increasingly critical elements of a data strategy. Amazon Athena delivers a cost-efficient, high-performance data lake architecture for these tools.

One of the critical elements of a BI, data lake, and Athena model is that you only pay for the queries you run. On-demand pricing is an attractive feature since there is no hardware to set up, manage, or maintain.

"Openbridge has allowed us to unlock the potential of our data. Now that we have new and innovative ways to put our data to work, we can quickly generate customer insights across our company. Openbridge has an amazing staff and are genuinely looking to provide the best service possible to their customers. Really enjoy working with them over the last 2 years and look forward to many more!"


Effcient, adaptive and open

Cloud to the core

Openbridge cloud-first approach embraces the strategic advantages of cloud computing. The value of this model centers on how cloud-native data solutions are architected, developed, and deployed.

Cloud infrastructure offers near limitless computing power and storage capacity, on-demand. The Openbridge cloud data lake architecture is the perfect example of a solution that allows your team to focus on actionable data analytics, not infrastructure or operations.

Our customers can innovate and iterate, bringing new ideas to market faster and respond sooner to business demands.


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Easily scale your Google Cloud data and analytics with BigQuery

Google Cloud’s fully managed serverless analytics platform empowers your business while eliminating constraints of scale, performance, and cost. Gain real-time insights that improve your decision-making and accelerate innovation.

The Openbridge fully-managed, serverless approach automatically takes care of data ingestion, scalability, and availability using Google BigQuery as a target destination.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Azure Cloud to store, analyze, and visualize data

Microsoft's Azure Cloud solutions and Azure Data Lake Storage offers a highly scalable and cost-effective cloud solution for big data analytics. With the power of a high-performance file system and cost-effective economics, you can accelerate your time to insight within the Azure data ecosystem.


Tools, open-source, and ecosystems

Open-source, innovation, discovery

Openbridge is a proud supporter and contributor to the open-source community through code releases, outreach, and providing resources to projects. We are active users of open-source projects to help us innovate and deliver solutions. Whenever possible, we want to give something back by releasing code, share best practices, or help with testing.

We also have fun using data with new delivery methods. Check out how we developed a voice assistant using Amazon Alexa for business intelligence to bring data to life. Voice delivery can be a powerful addition to traditional dashboards, reporting, or visualizations.

Here are projects we've released and contribute:

Accelerate your aha moments

Data wrangling can be intimidating, leaving the complex data engineering work to us.


Free your team from painful data wrangling and silos. Automation unlocks the hidden potential for machine learning, business intelligence, and data modeling.

Unlock data silos


Use an incredibly diverse array of tools like Looker, Tableau, Power BI, and many others to explore, analyze, and visualize data to understand business performance.

Flexible data analytics tools


Realize incredible operational savings by leveraging fully automated, zero administration serverless data lakes and cloud data warehouses.

ELT & ETL automation

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