Discover how quick Azure & aws data lake formation can help you avoid creating a data swamp

Our lake formation accelerates your projects with ready-to-go data processing pipelines

Creating a data lake with our code-free lake formation service simplifies set up and operations. Our service automates end-to-end pipelines to Azure Data lake Storage and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Redshift Spectrum and AWS Athena. It has never been easier to get your data into Azure, Amazon Athena or Redshift Spectrum for use within your favorite data tools.

Openbridge optimizes and automates the configuration, processing, and loading of data accelerating how users can use data to drive results. Our approach eliminates time consuming technical efforts for setting up and managing a lake.

Push data from supported data sources quickly. ELT pipelines, created as part of lake formation, will automatically load data to target destinations like Redshift Spectrum or AWS Athena.

The Openbridge lake formation service supports ready-to-go data pipelines for social media, advertising, e-commerce, analytics, and other marketing technology categories. Unify data from 500+ data sources like Google Analytics 360, DoubleClick, Instagram, YouTube, Adobe Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, HubSpot and many more directly to your lake.

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Zero admin, code-free data ingestion pipelines to Azure or Amazon data lakes

Do you need to pipeline Amazon Seller Central data? Marketing data from Instagram, Facebook, Amazon Advertising , or Google Ads to your lake?

Looking to extend your data lake with batch exports from internal systems? Collect event data from webhooks?

Openbridge delivers simple, reliable, and easily integrated data ingestion solution for Azure and AWS data lakes.


Data lake automation
Own your data

Take control of your own data. Unlock data silos securely into your private data lake or cloud warehouse technologies

Choose your tools

Get answers quickly using the skills you have today using preferred BI, analytics, or reporting tools

Drive performance

Code-free, automated integrations collect, organize, and catalog data fueling insights that accelerate growth and profitability

Openbridge data lake as a service for curated & raw data

Deliveing best practices for data lake formation architecture

It has never been easier to leverage a serverless query engine like Amazon Athena or Amazon Redshift Spectrum.

The Openbridge zero administration Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, AWS Athena or Redshift Spectrum data lake service you simply push data from supported data sources and our service will automatically load it into your target destination:

  • Automatic partitioning of data — Allows you to optimize the amount of data scanned by each query, improving performance and reducing the cost for data stored in AWS S3 storage services as you run queries
  • Automatic conversion to Apache Parquet — Converts data into an efficient and optimized open-source columnar format, Apache Parquet
  • Automatic data compression — Compression is performed column by column using Google Snappy, which means not only supports query optimizations, it reduces the size of the data stored in your Amazon S3 bucket which further reduces costs
  • Automated data catalog with database, view, and table creation — Data is analyzed and the system “trained” to infer schemas to automate the creation of a data catalog
  • No coding required — Using the Openbridge interface, users can create and configure data destinations for use with Athena or Spectrum

What is AWS lake formation pricing? There is no additional charges for the service from Openbridge. You are only charged for the usage of undelying AWS services like Athena or Redshift Spectrum. The same is true for Azure!

If you were looking for a solution focused on cost optimization and simplicity in managing data lakes, give our service a try with a 14 day free trial!

"We have enough to worry about, so relying on Openbridge as a data and technology partner is critical for us. They delivered the technology and tools that allow our analytics and executive teams to work from a unified data lake environment for business insights.

J. Popper, CEO, Rollplay

Quick, efficient "analytics-ready" data lake

Connect leading business intelligence, data visualization, analytic tools, or data science tools

Build data lake in aws in minutes with the Openbridge lake formation service. Our fully-automated, code-free approach ensures you can quickly integrate with sophisticated BI tools like Looker, Tableau, Power BI, or AWS Quicksight.

Having your data lake operational more quickly means you can dive in and get started creating advanced reports and visualizations. Analytics and machine learning is accelerated for engineers, data analysts, and data scientists on your team. Your team gets the data sets they need more quickly to do the work they love.

building a data lake: AWS Data Lake to Oracle Cloud

Standards-based, lake formation fuels time to market

Our standards-based approach jumpstarts our customers efforts. Our approach to data lakes allows them to realize value while reducing costs, including multi-cloud deployments.

Initially, AICPA-CIMA was exploring the question of how to set up a data lake for their clickstream enironment. Rather than focus limited time and budgets on how to implement data lake on-premise, AICPA-CIMA leveraged the Openbridge automated, ready-to-go data lake for Adobe data feeds. Amazon Athena was used as a query service for Oracle Data Integrator to ETL data to an enterprise Oracle Cloud environment.

Using a data lake and the Amazon Athena provided AICPA an efficient data consumption model that reduced costs and made the Oracle BI environment more productive and cost-effective.

Actionable insights faster

Leave the messy data wrangling and complex platform development to us.


Free your team from painful data wrangling and silos. Automation unlocks the hidden potential for machine learning, business intelligence, and data modeling.

No more data wrangling


80% of an analysts’ time is wasted wrangling data. Our platform accelerates productivity with your favorite data tools to save you time and money

Faster analytic insights


Use an incredibly diverse array of tools like Looker, Tableau, Power BI, and many others to explore, analyze, and visualize data to understand business performance.

ELT & ETL automation

Getting started is easy

Work faster with no obligation, quick set-up, and code-free data ingestion. Join over 2,000 companies that trust us. Try it yourself risk-free today.


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