Update Amazon completed the MWS migration to the new Selling Partner API

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Amazon MWS migrated to the new Amazon Selling Partner API. Quickly make the switch from MWS to automated, code-free SP-API data pipelines.

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Private, unified Amazon Seller data

Unify Amazon Seller data to a private cloud warehouse or lake fully owned by you.

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Put your Amazon Seller data to work

Unlocked Amazon Seller data fuels tools like Tableau, Power BI, or Looker.

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Unify, organize, and visualize your Amazon data

Increase your Amazon Selling Partner agility with data automation

Quickly migrate from Amazon MWS to SP-API to streamline your workflow to collect, catalog, and unify data to industry leading cloud data warehouse and data lake.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform

Amazon Seller Central

No more manual file downloads. Get code-free, fully-automated Amazon Selling Partner API data pipelines for orders, inventory, traffic, fulfillment, finance, and many more.

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Take things to the next level, get inspired, and go faster with automation for data-driven Amazon Seller teams.

"Access to data means the team can work smarter. End-to-end marketing and advertising campaign data in unified data lake ensures we can optimize sales based on learnings from our measurement efforts"

Unify, organize, and visualize your Amazon data

Unify all your Amazon data

You can quickly streamline your workflow to collect, catalog, and unify your data to industry leading cloud data warehouse and data lake.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform

Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon Vendors can take a lot of time and effort to manually process their data. Openbridge automation will automatically collect, process, route, and load your Vendor Central data to a private data destination.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform

Amazon Advertising

Harness the power of our Amazon Ads API automation, ensuring your teams have the data they need to optimize media investments.

Unified Amazon global sales and marketing data

Secure, unified Amazon enables data-driven efforts optimizing sales, operations, media investments, and customer experiences wherever you are worldwide .


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"We can unlock the potential of our sales data with automated data flows to quickly generate customer insights that fuel profitable revenue growth."

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Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform
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Choose a data destination to unify your data

After activating your free Openbridge account, create a private, trusted destination to store your data using cloud data warehouses or data lakes like Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure Data Lake, and Amazon Athena. Data destinations are always fully owned and controlled by you.

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Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform
Step Two

Pick the data source you want to unify in your destination

Leveraging certified source APIs get the data you need fast. Code-free pipelines, including open source connectors fueled by Airbridge, unify all your Amazon Selling Partner, Amazon Vendor Central, Amazon Advertising, Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, Instagram, Shopify, and many others to your private data destination. Finally, no more manual data downloads!

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Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform
Step Three

Connect your favorite tools

You are ready to take control and put your data to work! Run queries, build reports, or visualize data from a wide variety of tools like; Tableau, Power BI, Looker, Quicksight, and many others.

Unified data gives you the power and flexibility to create embedded analytics in existing applications, websites, and portals. You can deliver branded, external-facing data discovery environments for partners, client, and customers.

  • Forecasting and recommendations
  • Identification of patterns, trends
  • Product segmentation analysis
  • Create notifications and alerts
  • Flexible, easy analytics
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Amazon MWS API

Amazon MWS Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Amazon MWS data pipeline questions about our free trial period, setup, and onboarding

What is the Amazon Selling Partner API and How is it Different from Amazon MWS?

The Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API) is the next evolution of Amazon MWS. It offers more functionalities, including features to support new selling partner programs, enhanced capabilities for business automation, and improved API reliability. SP-API is built on AWS infrastructure, providing modernized API standards like JSON and OAuth 2.0 for authentication. For more information about the new API see our post Amazon Releases New Selling Partner API (SP-API).

Why Should Sellers Migrate from Amazon MWS to Selling Partner API?

Sellers should consider migrating to SP-API to take advantage of its advanced features, improved data access, and enhanced security protocols. SP-API also offers better support for new Amazon programs and services, ensuring that sellers have the most up-to-date tools and capabilities for managing their online business.

What are the Key Steps in Migrating from Amazon MWS to SP-API?

Key steps in migrating include understanding the new SP-API documentation, updating your application's authentication method to OAuth 2.0, adapting your data handling to accommodate new JSON formats, and thoroughly testing your application with SP-API to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

Are There Any Specific Challenges in Migrating to Amazon SP-API?

Challenges in migrating to SP-API may include adapting to new API standards and authentication protocols, understanding the new rate limits and quota management, and ensuring that existing functionalities align with the new API's structure and capabilities. Adequate planning and testing are essential to address these challenges.

How Can Sellers Ensure a Smooth Transition to Amazon SP-API?

To ensure a smooth transition, sellers should start by familiarizing themselves with the SP-API documentation, allocate time for thorough testing, and consider seeking assistance from developers experienced in Amazon API integrations. It's also important to keep track of any updates from Amazon regarding the transition process.

What are the Benefits of Using Amazon SP-API for New Sellers?

For new sellers, SP-API offers a more streamlined and efficient way to manage their online business on Amazon. Benefits include access to the latest Amazon features, improved data processing and security, and a more user-friendly API experience, which can be crucial for effectively scaling their business on the platform.

What is Amazon MWS API?

Amazon MWS (Marketplace Web Service) API was a set of web services that helps Amazon sellers to programmatically exchange data on listings, orders, payments, reports, and more. It enables high-level integration with Amazon's seller platform, automating various e-commerce operations.

How to Get Started with Amazon MWS?

Amazon no longer supports MWS. The SP-API is the principle service as of 2023.

What are the Best Practices for Amazon MWS API Integration?

Best practices for the new SPAPI integration include understanding and adhering to Amazon's API usage guidelines, ensuring data security and privacy, efficiently handling API rate limits, and regularly updating your integration to accommodate any changes in the API or Amazon's policies.

Can Amazon MWS API Help in Automating Inventory Management?

Yes, the new SP-API can significantly helpe in automating inventory management. It allows for real-time tracking of inventory levels, automatic updating of stock quantities, and provides detailed reports that can help in making informed inventory decisions.

What are the Latest Features in Amazon MWS API for 2023?

As of 2023, the Amazon MWS API is deprecated. The new SP-API includes enhanced data analytics capabilities, improved order processing efficiency, and more robust security measures. Additionally, there might be updates in API endpoints and new functionalities to better support sellers in their e-commerce operations.

How Does Amazon MWS API Compare with Alternatives?

Amazon MWS API was specifically designed for Amazon sellers and offers deep integration with Amazon's marketplace. Compared to alternatives, it provides more direct access to Amazon's vast e-commerce data and operations. However, alternatives might offer broader multi-channel support if you sell on multiple platforms.