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Code-free, no developer integration with the Advertising API

Selling on Amazon is highly competitive. Optimizing search results, organic search results, organic ranking, cost per click, conversion rates, Amazon product pages, landing pages, and product detail pages gives you an edge against similar products from competitors.

Want to dig into Amazon PPC performance? Our data conenctor supplies the fuel to generate insights that provide the foundation for a successful Amazon marketing strategy. Explore and discover trends that drive sales for automated and manual targeting of specific products.

The Amazon Advertising API delivers media-related data for Amazon Sponsored Products, Amazon Sponsored Display, and Amazon Sponsored Brands. The API provides direct access to unique metrics for critical campaigns, product search, product display ads, best-performing products, and brand advertising data.

Our Amazon Advertising automation delivers all data for three primary ad types, all of which are included our feeds from the API: Sponsored Display (SD), Sponsored Brands (HSA), Sponsored Video and Sponsored Products Ad (SP):

  • hsa_adgroups
  • hsa_campaigns
  • hsa_campaigns_placement
  • hsa_keywords
  • sp_adgroups
  • sp_asins
  • sp_campaigns
  • sp_campaigns_placement
  • sp_keywords
  • sp_keywords_query
  • sp_productads
  • sp_targets
  • sd_campaigns NEW
  • sd_adgroups NEW
  • sd_productads NEW
  • hsa_campaigns_video NEW
  • hsa_adgroups_video NEW
  • hsa_keywords_video NEW

With advertising data in hand you can calculate return on ad spend (ROAS), uncover the advertising cost of sales (ACOS), or optimize for Total Advertising Cost of Sale (TACOS). Develop your own Amazon product display ads best practices and insights dashboards.

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Amazon Attribution Connector

Understand how third-party publishers drive sales with Amazon Attribution

Ditch logging into the Amazon Advertising console for messy and manual processes creating tags and downloading reports.

The Openbridge Amazon Attribution API conenctor delivers the data you need to develop insights into how non-Amazon marketing channels impact sales performance. Understand how your media investments in social media on third-party publishers drive your business on Amazon.

How is Google Ads performing vs. Facebook Ads? Is Google driving more visits, but Facebook delivers more sales? Does Pinterest drive more click-thru activity but Reddit delivers a higher volume of units sold? The data we deliver will help advertisers answer these questions.

Our Amazon Attribution API delivers all data for four performance driven data feeds:

  • amzn_attribution_advertisers NEW
  • amzn_attribution_metrics NEW
  • amzn_attribution_publishers NEW
  • amzn_attribution_tags NEW

Attribution data fuels improving efficiency and effectiveness of paid media investments that driving bottom-line business results.

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* Currently available for US and UK Amazon Vendor or Seller brand owner advertisers.

"Openbridge has allowed us to unlock the potential of our data. Now that we have new and innovative ways to put our data to work, we can quickly generate customer insights across our company. Openbridge has an amazing staff and are genuinely looking to provide the best service possible to their customers. Really enjoy working with them over the last 2 years and look forward to many more!"



Supercharge Amazon Advertising strategies with media performance data

Search on Amazon is a sales driver and data can help fuel optimization efforts.

Direct, code-free data integration with Advertising API enables high-levels of automation, which can help sellers grow their business. Leveraging the official Amazon MWS and Ads API creates increased selling efficiency, maximizes advertising investments while reducing operational costs.

Get the ads campaigns data you need to drive efficient growth and profitability using tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Looker, Grow, and many others.


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Ready-to-go, fully automated, and code-free API connectors

Are you manually downloading CSV files from the AMZ Advertising reporitng console?

You need an Amazon product search and display API integration that provides a code-free, fully automated connector for data exchange that includes listings, orders, payments, reports, and fulfillment. Using an automated connector, you can increase selling efficiency, reduce labor requirements, and improve response time to customers.

No need to hire a developer or build your own integrations. The Advertising connector delivers fully-automated data integrations to private cloud warehouses or data lakes.

"Having access to data means the team can work smarter. Having end-to-end marketing and advertising campaign data in unified data lake ensures we can quickly adjust media planning and creative development based on learnings from measurement and optimization efforts."

Amazon Advertising Global Sales

Extend your visibility for performance insights globally

Unify your global spend data

One of the best advertising tips is for Sellers and Vendors to take advantage of global marketplaces that represent the world's largest e-commerce opportunities. The Advertising API data integration allows you to gain immediate access to your media performance data. Discover new insights about your advertising investments in each marketplace so you can optimize spend, sales, operations, and profit.

need access to Amazon MWS Seller Reporting Data?

Harnessing the Amazon MWS Reporting data API for growth and profit

Do you want to fuse advertising data with Seller Central sales, returns, fulfillment, and inventory data? Are you looking to calculate true ROAS, TACOS, or ACOS? Fuse a search term reports or advertised product report with Amazon MWS data?

Discover insights as to when customers may be more likely to purchase, optimize pay per click, inform inventory management decisions, target special offers, and promotions.

The Openbridge Amazon MWS API connector offers a ready-to-go, automated, and code-free feeds of inventory, orders, fulfillment, returns, and 50+ other data feeds.

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Advertising Ecommerce Partners

Find e-commerce agencies and consultants

Find a consulting or agency partner to accelerate marketing performance and e-commerce profitability

We know it can be tough starting, building, optimizing, and growing your e-commerce business. None of that is easy, but we’re here to connect you to a partner that can help!

Openbridge has an assembled group of talented e-commerce partners to help you find success. What do Openbridge partners do? Partners use our data pipelines to fuel strategy, analytics, and performance insights for optimizing price, promotions, advertising, product content, ratings, and reviews.

Need help defining your Amazon target market? Learn how to read Amazon Advertising reports or create your own? Our partners bring data to life by supercharging business intelligence, reporting, or visualization with tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Looker, Grow, and many others.

Check out the leading agencies and consultants that specialize in performance-driven Amazon digital advertising and e-commerce:

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Ditch the manual reporting downloads

Unlock the full potential of Amazon sales, inventory, advertising, and operations data to drive revenue and profitability. Our code-free, automated connectors help sellers grow and scale their business.


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