Harnessing the power of Shopify data for growth and profit

Do you want your Shopify data stored in a data lake or cloud warehouse like Amazon Redshift, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Google BigQuery, Azure Data Lake, and Amazon Athena?

If you are a Shopify customer, you have access to something powerful: the Shopify API. The Openbridge Shopify API integration automates the organization, processing, and loading your Shopify data to a destination data lake or cloud warehouse.

Our Shopify API integration offers data a fully-automated, zero administration data pipeline service. We make sure your data is loaded and ready to be used in your favorite Shopify analytics apps like Grow, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, or Looker.

We offer two versions of the connector:

  • Shopify Advanced — The most complete Shopify API data integration delivers all of your historical data going back to when you first opened your store
  • Shopify Basic — Cover the same data feeds as Shopify Advanced, but only pulls the past 12 months of historical data

Let Openbridge take care of the heavy-lifting by automatically creating data pipelines for your Shopify analysts. Get started with a 14-day free trial.

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shopify reports in your favorite tools

Ready-to-go, fully automated, and code-free Shopify API connector

Are you manually downloading report files from the Shopify? Do you need to automate Shopify sales analytics efforts? Do you need to supercharge reporting with a Tableau Shopify integration? A code-free Shopify Power BI workflow for data visualizations? Looker Shopify automation pipelines for data science efforts?

Get the most comprehensive collection of data feeds from the Openbridge Shopify API connector:

  • sh_customer_adresses
  • sh_customers
  • sh_discounts_codes
  • sh_draft_order_items
  • sh_draft_orders
  • sh_fulfillment_items
  • sh_fulfillments
  • sh_inventory_items
  • sh_inventory_levels
  • sh_inventory_locations
  • sh_order_items UPDATED
  • sh_orders UPDATED
  • sh_price_rules
  • sh_product_images
  • sh_product_variants
  • sh_products UPDATED
  • sh_refund_transactions
  • sh_refunds
  • sh_risks
  • sh_transactions

We have you covered!

No need to undertake complex Shopify app development or build out manual Shopify analytics reports for download, our integration provide a code-free, fully-automated connector for data exchange for listings, orders, payments, reports, and many others.

"Openbridge has allowed us to unlock the potential of our data. Now that we have new and innovative ways to put our data to work, we can quickly generate customer insights across our company. Openbridge has an amazing staff and are genuinely looking to provide the best service possible to their customers. Really enjoy working with them over the last 2 years and look forward to many more!"


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