Data ninja or data novice

Data ninja or data novice, we’re with you every step of the way.

Building data platforms and data infrastructure is hard work. Whether you are a team of one or a group of 100, the last thing you need is to fly blind, and get stuck with self-service (aka, no service) solutions.

Fast talkers or a slick sales pitch do not create a data strategy or an enterprise data architecture; great teams do. These teams have the kind of software engineering people who understand what a data strategy requires, roll up their sleeves, and get to work.

Whether it data management, business process, data warehouses, or machine learning, the Openbridge is here for you.

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“Our partnership with Openbridge is critical to our enterprise data practice. As a digital agency focused on enterprise and government clients, we use Openbridge to help us unlock client insights that guide marketing investments, optimize sales strategies and build better experiences for customers. ”

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B. Elmore, CEO & Managing Partner, Intevity

Your partner for long-term success

When you work with Openbridge, you’ll be working hand in hand with experts who understand business strategy. This team is building and supporting distributed systems for data analysts every day.

The Openbridge team will guide you through data governance and engineering complexity so you can apply the best software development practices for success.

Our consulting solutions, as well as those of our partners, are customized for various business needs — with a team that can deliver a broad range of technical expertise including strategy, data, analytics, operations, and security.

Data team
Data strategy

Strategy, Advisory & Thought Leadership

Working closely with your business sponsors, data scientists, and IT, we’ll assess your objectives and business requirements. We will craft a data strategy and implementation roadmap from source to destination. We’ll share advice, tips, and best practices based on your specific needs, and engage subject-matter experts for in-depth review.

Our extensive hands-on data engineering, data maturity, and architecture knowledge guide organizations through an entire effort, from planning, architecture, pilot, or proof-of-concept.

Building your team, through real-world, hands-on projects

We believe you realize success when it is crafted by people who live in the cross-section of technology and innovation.

Want to explore centralized data lake on Amazon Web Services? Consolidating advertising, social media, real-time or other data for analysis into a Google BigQuery cloud warehouse? How secure quick wins with artificial intelligence in the enterprise?

Openbridge offers tailored data engineering engagements for every situation. We work alongside your team members to help them gain direct experience with data ingestion architecture, design, and code required for your efforts. We can build proprietary or on-premise solutions in partnership with your Business, Analytics, and IT teams.

We provide trusted talent and expertise to empower, optimize, and enhance your team's data efforts.

Data projects

You have a project. We have expertise. Let’s put it to work for you!

Exploring business intelligence tools, data strategy, planning, operations, or implementation? Tap into Openbridge data solutions and expertise to build, operate, and grow your business in today's complex, fast-paced environment.

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