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It is not easy to kickstart data and analytic efforts in a self-service world. As a result, it can be challenging to get traction and adoption of new data technology and tools.

Learning through immersion in a real-world project is one of the best ways to build a data-driven culture. When teams realize quick-wins, they build the confidence needed to maximize the chance of success.

Our data bootcamp is carefully crafted to expose organizations to best practices, strategies, technology, and practical steps to accelerate data analytics efforts. We start by defining a high-value use case, explore high-level solutions, and iterate through rapid experimentation.

The outcome of the data bootcamp is designed to encourage participant focus and engagement, both of which are critical to achieving velocity and that morale-boosting quick-wins.

To start your guided data journey, schedule a call with our data experts to discuss setting up a data bootcamp tailored to your needs.

“Our partnership with Openbridge is critical to our enterprise data practice. As a digital agency focused on enterprise and government clients, we use Openbridge to help us unlock client insights that guide marketing investments, optimize sales strategies and build better experiences for customers. ”

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B. Elmore, CEO & Managing Partner, Intevity

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Are data analytics bootcamps worth it?

Unlike traditional classroom data bootcamps, our program focuses on practical, outcome-driven pilots or proof-of-concepts. If your team wants to build critical skills and confidence in working with data, especially self-service tools, this outcome centric approach is for you.

Our program is perfect if;

  • you are exploring the use of new analytics, data visualization and reporting tools like Looker, Tableau, Power BI, or AWS Quicksight
  • you want to determine if a data lake and query engines like AWS Athena can optimize for costs while accelerating analytics efforts
  • you are exploring automation of manual data processes. For example, your team is manually managing Amazon MWS reporting across 50 clients.
  • you are exploring how to automate a data pipeline of diverse data to expand an “omnichannel” view of a customer
  • you are building a data analytics ‘proof-of-concept’ to secure approvals and funding

We have a proven track record of helping teams obtain success by building the skills they need to harness the power of their data. Sound interesting? What are you waiting for, schedule a call today!

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