Adobe Clickstream

Know Your Customers

Harness Adobe Clickstream web event data to understand customer behaviors, trends and preferences

You pick your Adobe Clickstream account to collect insights data from.

We automate the collection of Adobe Clickstream data and deliver it to your own private warehouse.

You are free to use an incredibly diverse array of tools to explore, analyze and visualize your data


Adobe Clickstream

Adobe Clickstream data bridge allows you to extract clickstream data residing in Adobe Analytics system.


  • Get direct access to full clickstream data from your Adobe Analytics account
  • Save your time on integrations, preparations and APIs
  • Join advertising data with the data from social, marketing, advertising and other digital sources
  • Use any analytics or visualization tools to know how your ads perform at any point

Simple Pricing

Simple pricing offers two plans built for every team. You can pay-as-you-go with a $199 monthly plan or can save big and get everything with one-and-done annual billing.

Already have an account? Login and subscribe to Adobe Clickstream data bridge.

Adobe Clickstream docs

Tech Specs

Explore Adobe Clickstream’s docs. If you have any questions or need for more info reach out to our data experts team.

Data Definitions

Clickstream data can be very wide with over 500+ columns. There are also collections of helper files to support browser, devices, etc. lookups. You can download full sample data from our public Github account here.

Delivery Time

Adobe delivers once a day. Data for each day is delivered after it is processed by Adobe, typically in the early AM hours. The data may arrive from Adobe as a single zipped file, or in multiple zipped files each containing approximately 2 GB of uncompressed data. The data is typically loaded into your Openbridge account within minutes of arriving.

Developer Docs

For detailed Adobe Clickstream technical specifications, please refer to Adobe documentation or you can download this PDF for more details.



Data Experts

We help your organization with the support, planning and resources you need to succeed in building awareness, skills and understanding of the data that drives the business. Working directly through us or a partner, our services enable you to choose the level of engagement that’s right for you — from full-service to self-service, and anything in between.

We’ll start with a thorough needs analysis for your business. Then we’ll help you get up to speed, with full support and training materials.
Extended Team

Our experts can be a natural extension of your marketing, analytics, and web development teams, devoted to your success every step of the way.

Let us partner with your business analysts, marketing and technical staff. They’ll get priority access to our data experts, plus exclusive invitations to early access & beta products.


Ask Us

Want to learn more about the Adobe Clickstream data bridge? Do you want to understand how we help you collect and organize all your data sources, enabling you to connect with your preferred tools for data visualization, reporting, modeling or insights? Drop us a note and we will connect you with one of our data experts.